Welcome to the Breakwell Institute

Our Goal

The Breakwell Institute is an action research organisation dedicated to the generation and application of knowledge. Knowledge that enables young people to seek a pattern of life coherent in its material, intellectual and spiritual dimensions. We pursue this aim in a mode of learning through participatory action research. Underlying our programs is a conviction that all people, regardless of nation of origin, educational level, or circumstance have a part to play in building a united and prosperous world. Our programs offer an approach to learning that seeks to empower participants to act as protagonists in their own education, family life and neighbourhood or city. 

Our Passion

The Breakwell Institute is involved in assisting young people between the ages of 12-25 to find purpose in their education, to develop and maintain motivation as they seek and pursue either vocational or academic education. This is tied to helping them to find ways of making a livelihood from their talents and capacities while contributing to social good. To do this Breakwell has a number of programs.

Our Programs